About LFIA – Our Mission

For over 100 years the Los Feliz Improvement Association (LFIA) has been instrumental in assisting our community through donations to schools, advocating on traffic and safety issues, and participating in homelessness solutions. We are active nature-lovers, working hard to preserve Griffith Park and our Deodars. And we are history buffs, maintaining records of our historic homes and actively working to ensure the character of our neighborhood remains intact and celebrated.

LFIA is a 501c3 non-profit organization. With the continuing support of our members, the LFIA remains one of the oldest and most influential organizations in Los Angeles. We welcome all residents of Los Feliz to become a member and join one of our committees. Take a moment now and join LFIA.  Click here to see how easy it is to support the neighborhood group that has been going strong since 1916. The work we do is so important and is vital to retaining the character and vibrancy we love about Los Feliz.

Neighborhood Issues We Care About

  • Homelessness Solutions and Assistance
  • Thoughtful Development and Neighborhood Character
  • Traffic and Safety Solutions
  • Griffith Park Preservation
  • Historic Preservation and Neighborhood Archives
  • Healthy Deodar Cedars along Los Feliz Boulevard
  • Our Local Schools

2019 – 2020 Board of Directors

  • Amy Gustincic,
  • Mary Haberle,
    First Vice President
  • Lynne T. Jewell,
    Second Vice President
  • Donna Kolb,
    Coordinating Secretary
  • Karen Stetler,
    Recording Secretary
  • Donald Seligman,
  • David Bell
  • Dennis Chew
  • Marian Dodge
  • Philip Gasteier
  • Ray Hovsepian
  • Alex Kondracke
  • Chris Laib
  • Debra Matlock
  • Deanne Paul
  • David Roberti
  • Standolyn Robertson
  • Joel Rochlin
  • Patricia Ruben
  • Debbie Simons
  • Mary Beth Sorensen
  • Angela Stewart
  • Gail Zaritsky