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About the LFIA

Founded in 1916 to promote the betterment of the Los Feliz neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles, the Los Feliz Improvement Association (LFIA) is today one of the oldest and most influential neighborhood organizations in the City. Currently, the LFIA membership includes nearly 1,000 Los Feliz households. Our Board of Directors is elected by these member-households and includes 36 volunteers who work to accomplish whatever is necessary to maintain and improve the Los Feliz community. The Board meets monthly; the general membership meets three times each year.


– Works with the police and fire departments to keep our neighborhood safe.
– Works to protect and preserve Griffith Park.
– Works to improve traffic and make street repairs.
– Supports our local schools and libraries.
– Represents the residents of Los Feliz at City meetings and hearings.
– Plants trees and cleans up our streets.
– Keeps residents informed through our newsletters, Facebook page, membership meetings and websites.
– Preserves Los Feliz history and advocates for preservation.
– Monitors growth and development.

Our Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Association is to further the interests of the residents of and owners of property in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, and to undertake any lawful activities which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Association, will be directly or indirectly beneficial to such residents and property owners and to the Los Feliz district.

Our Boundaries:

The LFIA serves a specific area that includes all of Los Feliz and the Oaks. The northern boundary is Griffith Park. The eastern boundary is Riverside Drive to Hyperion Avenue to Fountain Avenue. The southern boundary includes Fountain Avenue to Sunset Boulevard and then Hollywood Boulevard between Fountain Avenue and Western Avenue, and then Franklin Avenue between Western Avenue and Canyon Drive. The western boundary includes Western Avenue between Hollywood Boulevard and Franklin Avenue, and then Canyon Drive to the Griffith Park boundary.

How to Contact Us:
P.O. Box 29395
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Telephone and Fax: 323-660-1914


President- Chris Laib

First Vice President- Demian Wyma

Second Vice President- Marta Alcumbrac

Recording Secretary- Debbie Simons

Coordinating Secretary- Donna Kolb

Treasurer- Donald Seligman*


Marta Alcumbrac
Nyla Arslanian
Laura Balverde Sanchez
Marilyn Bush*
Mica Campbell
Dennis Chew
Jean Daly
Marian Dodge*
Barbara Ferris
Faith Ford
Monique Frese
Philip Gasteier
Rafik Ghazarian

Amy Gustincic

Lynne T. Jewell
Michael Locke
Rob Menz
Randy Myer
Deanne Paul
David Roberti
Joel Rochlin
Patricia Ruben
Paul Schiada
Mary Beth Sorensen
Angela Stewart
Mark Stong
June Teal
Valerie Vanaman
Denise Weintraub
Gail Zaritsky

* Past Presidents