The Lynne T. Jewell Scholarship at John Marshall High School


LFIA was devastated by the news of the passing of our own Lynne T. Jewell.

A longtime community leader, Lynne passed away in February. She spent almost 40 years in our neighborhood, working on history, education and preservation projects. She was an LFIA board member for over 23 years, most recently serving as Vice President. A trained journalist, Lynne had a keen interest in Marshall High, and spearheaded our initial scholarship programs there. Lynne also co-chaired the LFIA history committee and the extensive LFIA archives at Cal State Northridge are largely her work. Her contributions to LFIA and the Los Feliz community are too numerous to name.

In her memory, the Jewell family and LFIA announce the Lynne T. Jewell Scholarship, to be awarded to a deserving Marshall High School senior who is accepted to college. If you would like to honor Lynne and her decades of investment in our community, and support a senior who has demonstrated academic aptitude and financial need, please contribute to the Lynne T. Jewell scholarship fund.

The scholarship is specified for housing, tuition and academic supplies. We will award the inaugural Lynne T. Jewell Scholarship in May of 2024.

Thank you.