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Closure of Park Access Pushes More Traffic to Los Feliz

Let the City know we want open access to Griffith Park trails for everyone!



Join us Saturday April 15th at 12 Noon at the top of Beachwood Drive.

You have probably already noticed the increased traffic on Franklin Avenue and Los Feliz Boulevard.  The City announced March 13th that in response to the lawsuit Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stable vs. City of Los Angeles, they will be closing the Beachwood Gate and started directing people to Canyon Drive and Vermont Avenue.  The City’s decision seems to contradict the judge’s preliminary decision.

Please join Los Feliz Improvement Association, Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Association,  Oaks Homeowners Association and Lake Hollywood Homeowners Association at a rally at the Beachwood Gate to show support for pedestrian access and to let our Councilmember know that we believe public access is very important. Any solution to the problem should not simply push the traffic into another neighborhood.

For more information and documents go to:

Because of neighborhood parking restrictions at the north end of Beachwood Drive, we cannot park cars near the site.  So take a ride-share car or public transportation or enlist a family member to drop you and others off at the site.

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