Back in the late ‘90s, a group of enthusiastic and energetic LFIA volunteers came up with the cool idea of collecting photos from the community.  They realized the best way to preserve and document the rich history of Los Feliz was through photographs.

These volunteers got their inspiration for our Los Feliz-centric Photo Archives from the Los Angeles Public Library’s “Shades of LA” campaign.  Our very first Photo Day was held with the John Marshall High School Alumni Assn.  Subsequent Photo Days have been hosted at the Los Feliz Library.  Residents were invited to bring their photos in and have them scanned and returned on the spot. 

Over the past two decades, LFIA has continued to collect archival photos depicting past and present life in Los Feliz.   The Archives now contain hundreds of images reflecting the heart and soul of Los Feliz, from festive family gatherings to military veterans who have served their country to high school graduations and proms.

The following photos are divided by decades. Enjoy browsing the LFIA Photo Archives. For inquiries on how to donate a photo, email