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About LFIA – Our Mission

The Los Feliz Improvement Association (LFIA) was founded in 1916 by a group of neighbors on Hillhurst and Vermont Avenues. From our earliest days as a local homeowners’ group to the 501c3 non-profit organization we are today, our focus has always been “what can we do to make our Los Feliz neighborhood a better place to live?”

The LFIA Board of Directors is an all-volunteer group of Los Feliz residents, neighbors committed to keeping Los Feliz a great place to live.  The Board represents a cross-section of the neighborhood with representatives coming from all corners of Los Feliz.

And thanks to the constant support of our members, the LFIA remains one of the oldest and most influential organizations in Los Angeles. We welcome all residents of Los Feliz to become a member and join one of our committees. Take a moment now and join LFIA. Click on Become A Member and see how easy it is to support the neighborhood group that has been going strong since 1916!

What We Do

Per our Bylaws, the primary purpose of the Association is “to further the interests of the residents of and owners of property in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, and to undertake any lawful activities which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Association, will be directly or indirectly beneficial to such residents and property owners and to the Los Feliz district.”

Here’s what we do:

  • We support historic preservation and maintain a comprehensive historic photo archive and historic property survey of every home in the district.
  • LFIA actively plants and cares for the Deodar cedars along Los Feliz Boulevard, schedules regular neighborhood clean ups.
  • We work closely with our local police and fire departments.
  • We are invested in our local schools offering regular grants including the annual LFIA Leadership Award scholarship for a graduating Marshall senior.
  • Griffith Park is our neighbor to the north and we engage in all Park issues that impact Los Feliz.
  • We also keep an eye on neighborhood development and zoning matters.
  • We schedule three community meetings each year offering lively forums for the neighborhood on a variety of timely topics.