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LFIA Marked 100 Years of Service in 2016

2007.56 Meliora Award Best Public Space Griffith Observatory

One hundred years ago a group of forward-thinking Los Feliz residents banded together to create what would become the Los Feliz Improvement Association.  With homes tucked up against the natural landscape of Griffith Park, the neighbors resolved to preserve the area’s natural beauty in the midst of fast-moving urban development.

Today we carry on their determination.  Beautification and preservation of the deodar cedars trees are a top priority and holdover from LFIA’s earliest days.  Responding to the needs of the community, our focus has expanded to include historic preservation and documentation, zoning, financial support to our local public schools, and regular community forums.  Key to LFIA’s success is the open dialogue we’re upheld with local government officials and agencies.

None of this work is possible without the continuing support of the community.  Your support along with countless volunteer hours allow the Los Feliz Improvement Association to celebrate this centennial milestone!