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Help Connect the Homeless to the Services They Need

The East Hollywood Los Feliz Homeless Coalition (EHLF) is a group of concerned stakeholders who have come together to address homelessness in our community. Working with local business and community leaders, political representatives and homeless services agencies, we aim to visibly reduce homelessness in our community by assisting individuals experiencing homelessness with accessing services for permanent housing solutions.

The coalition strongly believes that the first step in helping individuals get off the streets and find a home for good is to connect them with professional outreach workers who can assist with accessing services.

In order to do that, EHLF has entered into a partnership with PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) to bring a dedicated outreach team to East Hollywood and Los Feliz. The timing to bring the team into the neighborhood is critical in order to support the work laid out by the Los Angeles County Homeless Count and the United Way 100 Day Challenge. These two efforts to count and survey our homeless neighbors will only succeed if we have continued support through consistent outreach services in order to follow through with the efforts laid. Coalition partners and the PATH outreach team will work with LAHSA to get our chronically homeless neighbors into permanent supportive housing as soon as a match becomes available.

There are 3 ways the community can help:

1) Volunteer. There will be weekly survey sites where volunteers can help survey our homeless neighbors.

2) Write to your local officials, make them aware of the situation here in Los Feliz and East Hollywood and demand their presence and help.

3) Donate. We have raised more than $80,000 to date but we need more in order to make sure there is no interruption in Outreach Services after the United Way 100 Day Challenge ends.

We appreciate your support and consideration. Find us online at for more information.