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Image of Griffith Observatory

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Beautification Committee

Chair: Dee Paul

The beautification committee is responsible for neighborhood cleanups, painting out graffiti, removing trash and unlawful signage, caring for the Moreton Fig trees on North Vermont, and the Deodar Cedars on Los Feliz Blvd.  If you’d like to get involved with our beautification projects e-mail  Let’s work together to beautify and grow our community involvement!


Communication Committee

Co-Chairs: Amy Gustincic, Lynne T. Jewell, Donna Kolb

The Communications Committee manages all LFIA media and social networking through multiple avenues:  The Observer, a long established newsletter published three times yearly, an e-magazine “Neighborhood News” for multiple time-sensitive announcements, a Facebook page, e-blasts for urgent announcements, and this website.  If you have interest in writing, social media, or layout design, please consider joining this active committee.  Similarly you can send any concerns or comments about our output by email.  You may contact the communications committee at:

Finance Committee

Co-Chair: Donald Seligman, Angela Stewart


The committee prepares and manages LFIA’s annual budget, and addresses any financial matters that come up during the year.

Current Projects:

  • Develops the annual budget.
  • Deliberates and advises on unanticipated expenses.

Note: Membership on this committee is only open to Directors.

History Committee

Co-Chairs: Lynne T. Jewell, Marian Dodge


The goal of the committee is to preserve and document the history of Los Feliz, advocate for historic preservation,  and assist other Los Angeles organizations and city agencies to preserve and document the history of Los Angeles.

Current Projects:

  • Market the LFIA History books and note cards.
  • Videotape oral history interviews of long-time residents.
  • Add to the historic photograph archive.
  • Add more streets to the historic property survey.
  • Cooperate with other local historic associations to preserve and protect Los Feliz history.


  • Publication of three Los Feliz history books.
  • Publication of color note card sets featuring Los Feliz landmarks.
  • Expansion of our historic photo archives, now numbering over 1,400 images.
  • Collected dozens of oral history interviews (videotaped).
  • Supplied historic material for our newsletters and website.
  • Continued to amend and expand our historic property survey.
  • Cooperated with the Los Angeles history project, SurveyLA.
  • Researched the history of more than 5,000 homes in Los Feliz for the Historic Resources Survey now available in the Los Feliz Library.
  • Research from LFIA’s Historic Resources Survey was used to establish the new Hollywood Grove HPOZ.
  • Donated our Historic Resources data to SurveyLA, a joint project of the City Office of Historic Resources and the Getty.

Get Involved!

Attention history buffs, architectural aficionados and house detectives.  If history’s your passion, then consider joining LFIA’s History Committee. Our mission is to document and preserve the rich history of the bygone years of the Los Feliz community. We sleuth the pedigree of houses, collect vintage photos, plan intriguing walking tours of the nooks & crannies of our neighborhood and interview long-time residents about Los Feliz living. So help us find those missing historical clues by becoming part of LFIA’s Team History:

Hospitality Committee

Chair: Bryce Hayes


This committee coordinates, orchestrates and executes the theme, decor and refreshments served at Los Feliz Improvement Association meetings and events. The committee works closely with local Los Feliz restaurants and businesses.  The committee encourages meeting attendees to arrive one hour prior to the start of the formal program and enjoy delicious food and refreshments served by the LFIA committee and Board Members. This allows our members, neighbors and guests to get acquainted and also enables people who work to come directly from work without eating beforehand.


LFIA’s three General Meetings held at the Autry
Annual Board Member meeting
Monthly Board member meetings

Get Involved

If you like planning events and having fun at the same time join our Hospitality Committee and assist in the planning and execution of our events, or if you wish to assist and volunteer at one of our events please contact us at:


Membership Committee

Chair: Mica Campbell


The membership committee plans and coordinates LFIA’s annual membership campaign and maintains the membership records of the association.  The committee hosts several Socials during the year at local restaurants.

Current Projects:

  • Annual Membership drives in January.
  • Plans Socials for the membership throughout the year.
  • Maintains the membership rolls during the year.
  • Manages the attendee sign-in at our three membership forums/meetings.

Get Involved!

If you would like to join in our membership projects and are a member of the LFIA, or if you would like to add your project or concern to our agenda, e-mail

Parks Committee

Chair: Chris Laib


The goal of the committee is to preserve and protect Griffith Park, America’s largest urban park.

2010.33 Fern Dell entrance and Berlin Bear

Current Projects:

  • Cooperate with the diverse park venues (Observatory, Greek Theatre, Zoo, Autry, etc.) to minimize their impact on the Los Feliz community.
  • Supply park-related news and important information to the LFIA media outlets.
  • Advocate for the community’s interests at park related public hearings.
  • Negotiate with the city on park ranger reductions, on Greek Theatre scheduling, traffic, on noise concerns, on the Los Angeles River revitalization project, and advocate against off-road bicycling.
  • Advocates for the adoption of a Griffith Park Master Plan.


  • Spearheaded the successful drive to make Griffith Park a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.
  • Successfully lead the move to upgrade the watering system in the park.
  • Protected the urban wilderness areas of the park from commercialization.
  • Presented LFIA’s position at numerous City hearings on the 2015 Greek Theatre contract award.

Get Involved!

If you would like to join in our parks projects and are a member of the LFIA, or if you would like to add your project or concern to our agenda, e-mail

Public Safety and Transportation Committee

Co-Chairs: Ray Hovsepian, Joel Rochlin


The goal of the committee is to work with Los Feliz residents, business people, elected officials, private security companies, the LAPD and the LA Fire Department to identify pragmatic solutions and act upon matters of security and safety, traffic congestion, limited parking and deteriorating street infrastructure in Los Feliz.

Current Projects:

  • Sucessfully advocated for the solution that recently brought an end to the Cars-for-Sale epidemic on Los Feliz Boulevard and adjacent streets.
  • Installation of new parking meters in the Business Improvement District which accept credit cards.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with our police department Senior Lead Officers and the fire stations to monitor safety and crime events in our community.
  • Supply information to the community about safety issues.
  • Advocate and assist in the establishment of Neighborhood Watches.
  • Assist in organizing LFIA neighborhood forums that focus on police and fire issues.
  • Monitor all transportation related developments that impact the Los Feliz area and work with City agencies and elected officials to explore possible solutions.
  • Advocate for resurfacing of area streets.
  • Seek solutions to the lack of parking in the business district, and to the Los Feliz Blvd. gridlock.

Get Involved!

If you would like to join in our Public Safety and Transportation Committee projects and are a member of the LFIA, or if you would like to add your project or concern to our agenda, e-mail

Program Committee

Chair: Patti Ruben


The program committee organizes three General Membership Meetings each year that educate, entertain, and enrich the membership and the public.

Current Projects:

  • Organize the Membership meetings.

Get involved!

If you would like to join in our program projects and are a member of the LFIA, or if you would like to add your project or concern to our agenda, e-mail:

Schools and Libraries Committee

Chair: Marta Alcumbrac


The goal of the committee is to address the concerns and needs of our neighborhood campuses and offer pragmatic and financial support where possible.

Current Projects

  • Assist in financial support for campus beautification as well as specialized academic programs, events and opportunities at our five local public schools and our local public library.
  • Supported in particular the John Marshall High School Academic Decathlon team, as well as their Renaissance Academy learning center.
  • Work closely with the campus administrators and elected officials to mitigate noise, traffic, and safety issues around the neighborhood schools.

Get Involved!

If you would like to join in our schools projects and are a member of the LFIA, or if you would like to add your project or concern to our agenda, e-mail:

Angela Stewart, Chris Laib, Marilyn Bush, William Nunez (the 2015 LFIA Leadership Award winner), his father, and Patricia Heideman, Marshall HIgh School Principal.

Zoning Committee

Chair:  Alex Kondracke


This committee monitors an array of zoning issues that may affect the quality of life in Los Feliz, and works to see that Los Angeles Municipal Code is properly observed.

Current Projects:

  • Assists neighbors with their zoning-related issues including over-height walls and hedges, illegal structures, variance requests and a multitude of other matters subject to the Los Angeles Planning & Zoning Code.
  • Monitors new development in the community.
  • Attends hearings and meetings with representatives of City Planning and the Department of Building & Safety.
  • Works closely with the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation Committee.

Get Involved!

If you are a member of the LFIA and would like to join our zoning committee, or if you would like to contact us about your zoning concerns, e-mail: